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Tag Archives: General Credit

Objecting with Confidence

Objections got you down? Feeling cut off from the rules of evidence? Come join us as we tackle a brass-tacks, back-to-basics review of evidence, objections, and protecting your record. 1 Gen. MCLE CA credit pending. Speaker: Lilys McCoy Moderator: Renee N. G. Stackhouse

Growing Through It: Surviving a Bar Complaint

Join us for a discussion on what to do when facing a State Bar complaint. We’ll address the process, how to continue your practice with confidence, and how to address the wellness aspect of weathering claims. 1 Gen. CA MCLE credit pending. Speaker: Megan Zavieh Moderator: Renee N. G. Stackhouse

Inheriting is So Nice, Women Do It Twice

Over the course of their lives, most women will serve as caretakers for family and surviving spouses,  often inheriting twice in the process – once from their parents and then from their spouses. We discuss the most important aspects of estate planning for all women, no matter what their personal or professional situation. We… Read More »

Helping Human Trafficking Survivors Through Pro Bono Legal Representation

Human trafficking survivors often face complex legal barriers that impede their ability to move past their exploitation.  This program will provide an overview of the various legal needs of human trafficking survivors and opportunities to support them on a pro bono basis. 1 Gen. MCLE credit pending. Speaker: Jamie Beck Moderator: Renee Stackhouse

Executive Presence Reimagined

Executive presence is the embodiment of confident, empowered leadership– but it can often be an extremely amorphous concept. Clients frequently come to us after receiving feedback about improving their executive presence without substantive direction on how to do so. Participants will leave this highly interactive session understanding: – What constitutes executive presence and how… Read More »

Mastering Motherhood and Money-Making

The push and pull of being a mother and a working attorney are quite a challenge. Come hear from women that have raised children and those that are still in the midst of raising little ones while working. Let’s talk about tips, tricks and secrets of making it as a working mother from those… Read More »

Three Years Post #MeToo: How Things Have Changed, What We Have Learned, Where We Are Going

Connect and learn about how things have changed with #MeToo cases in the last three years, lessons learned, and where we are going with one of California’s top sexual assault attorneys. 1 Gen. MCLE credit pending. Speaker: Jessica Klarer Pride Moderator: Renee N. G. Stackhouse

Shattering Glass Ceilings: Women Trial Lawyers

The third in our “Shattering Glass Ceilings” series, join us for a discussion with three of the top women plaintiff trial lawyers in California as we talk about trial lawyering, overcoming assumptions, handling bullying, and building success in and out of the courtroom. 1 Gen. MCLE pending. Speakers: Angela Jae Chun Bibi Fell Courtney… Read More »

Building Your Team

Whether you are a new lawyer just starting at a firm or agency, or an experienced attorney wanting to analyze your leadership skills, these two legal professionals will give you insight into the importance of building a cohesive team, practical ways to do it, and how to handle internal conflicts. Make your team a… Read More »

Judicial Applications: Elevating Your Answers

The Judicial Appointment Application can be intimidating, but don’t let it stop you from seeking appointment. Hear from our panelists, including Karen Korr, an expert on telling your personal story, Judges Olga Alvarez and Wendy Coats, 2019 appointees, who will share insight, advice, and real life examples on how to elevate your answers in… Read More »

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