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Nyanza Shaw

Nyanza Shaw, Esq. is an experienced entertainment and business attorney who specializes in corporate and business law, entertainment law, intellectual property, and media. Her client base includes both newcomers and veterans in the music, film, TV, media and sports industries. Ms. Shaw is adept at navigating these constantly evolving industries to provide practical advice and guidance to clients. She helps clients protect and monetize their intellectual property rights and expertly handles all types of entertainment and business agreements including publishing, distribution, licensing, financing, production, touring, and merchandising. She also has a proven track record for successfully identifying and securing cutting edge deals related to corporate branding and partnerships, product placement, and event and tour sponsorship.

By serving in a “general counsel” role to small businesses, entertainment companies, and non-profit organizations, Ms. Shaw provides innovative and strategic business and legal advice to clients related to start-up, operations, compliance, productivity, financing, and branding as well as general corporate and business transactions.

Ms. Shaw has been praised for her unique ability to identify clients’ needs, develop growth opportunities, and work with clients to align and empower their vision and goals.

You can learn more about Ms. Shaw here.

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