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Lexlee Overton

Lexlee Overton is a trial lawyer, entrepreneur, mindset expert, and creator of Mind Over Law – The Method; a program that helps hundreds of lawyers achieve optimal mindset for superior levels of performance in and out of the courtroom. She is a leading results coach for lawyers and law firms that want to accelerate their progress and produce breakthrough results. Her goal is to transform her clients so they “become the happiest lawyer you know.”

After years as a successful trial lawyer, Lexlee suffered from professional overwhelm and burn out and decided to explore ways to be a better lawyer without sacrificing mental and physical well-being. Using psychology, meditation, and Eastern Energy medicine, she developed a modern-day approach to release stress, anxiety, and fear, using scientifically proven techniques to train the mind and become a power performer.

Along with group and one- on- one coaching, Lexlee currently leads mindset and meditation retreats, team building workshops, and VIP intensive trial preparation workshops for lawyers and trial teams. Her work has been featured by TedX blog, Elephant Journal, The Mediation Minute, and Forbes. Her motivational speeches have been sponsored by the Louisiana State Bar, Louisiana Association for Justice, and Mississippi Association for Justice.

You can learn more about Lexlee on her website, Facebook page, or join her group Mindset Mastery for Lawyers.


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