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Jennifer F. Novak

An attorney with more than 25 years of experience, Jennifer F. Novak earned her reputation as an  exceptional environmental litigator and advisor in private practice and as a Deputy Attorney General with  the California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General. She assists clients on matters  involving soil and groundwater remediation, hazardous waste management, stormwater permitting and  compliance, government and private enforcement, and more, including general litigation and appeals. 

With her background of representing public and private entities, Jennifer brings a diverse range of  experience to her cases. She has achieved consistent success through negotiations with enforcement  agencies, and as a litigator representing her clients in trial and appellate courts. Her background in both  challenging and defending government actions has shaped her approach to client matters, which has  been described as straightforward and well-balanced. Having helped define the law on government  discretion and due process requirements, she navigates through government decision-making to reach  the best technical, economical, and practical solutions for her clients. Her dedication, integrity, and style  have allowed her to forge strong relationships with clients, opposing attorneys, witnesses, and regulators.  She strives to achieve positive results for her clients without endangering their reputations, causing  unnecessary stress, or damaging clients’ relationships with regulatory agencies.  

Throughout her career, her clients have included property owners, public agencies, small business  owners, Fortune 500 companies, attorneys, sheriffs, firefighters, farmers, accountants, utility companies,  and non-profits. Jennifer assumes the same level of high expectations, hard work, sensitivity, and  dedication to all of her clients and matters, whether large or small.  

The Law Office of Jennifer F. Novak is certified by the California Public Utilities Commission Supplier  Clearinghouse as a female-owned, minority-owned, small business enterprise (WMBE), CHS Verification  Order No. 13050189, and by the California Department of General Services as a small business enterprise  (SBE), Supplier No. 1788569.  

Jennifer earned her undergraduate degree at the University of California, Berkeley, and her law  degree from the University of California, Davis, King Hall School of Law. 

In her spare time, Jennifer is an active community volunteer, dedicating hundreds of hours annually  to local and statewide non-profit organizations, and enjoys sharing those experiences with her teenaged  daughter and son.

You can learn more about Jennifer here.

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