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Denice Menard

As the President and Founder of Denice Menard Media Coaching and Video Production, a Public Relations and Marketing professional, and a former Television News Anchor and Reporter Denice is an enthusiastic participant helping to shape the ever-changing landscape of the PR, Marketing, and Media worlds. It’s through the combination of these industries that Denice feels comfortable coaching clients to successfully master a television news interview and deliver a positive message promoting their business.

As a media coach and video producer, Denice works exclusively with her photo journalist husband who is also her production partner. Together they work as a team to produce large corporate videos, small business videos, travel videos, and documentaries.

Denice holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications from the University of South Florida and a Strategic Online Marketing certification from the University of San Diego.

You can learn more about and connect with Denice through her social media channels which can be found on her website at

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