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MCLEs That Matter


Welcome to MSheLE. I hope some of what is here resonates with you, strengthens you, or -at the very least- puts a smile on your face.

Renee N. G. Stackhouse
Founder, MSheLE, LLC



To empower women lawyers by providing MCLEs geared towards challenges women face in the legal profession, resources which support women lawyers in their practice, and merch that lifts the spirit.


A legal profession free from gender bias.


  • Mindfulness: Stay present in the here and now.
  • Collaboration: Work together to lift each other up.
  • Leadership: Shatter glass ceilings wherever possible.
  • Success: Enjoy what you do and excel at it.
  • Communication : Talk about it, or it’s out of control.
  • Love: Be you unapologetically.
  • Persistence: Don’t give up.
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